Sunday, August 14, 2011

Main Street

28" x 30" Oil on Canvas SOLD

This is a view looking down Main Street in the small town of Franklin where I live. It is the quintessential southern main street. The street is lined with beautiful antebellum homes and I often see tourist from other countries pulling over to take pictures here.
Last night Franklin held it's second annual Promenade de Arte (Art walk). This was one of four paintings sold. It was a lot of fun and great to see a small town come out in big support for it's artists. Special thanks to Tony Scelfo for being a great host and providing the best wine selection in town.


Anonymous said...

Jon, great to hear that the art walk went well. Love the new Main St. painting. But, I have to ask.........where is the Turkey painting?

Sherry said...

I believe your writing is just as poetic as your art. I love the descriptions of your work.

Greg & Ashley said...

Love. Everything.

It seems like everything is coming together. Especially love how simply painted the Main Street looks. Nothing wasted. Beautiful.