Sunday, August 2, 2009

Great Egret

60" x 48" Oil on Wood SOLD

This is another commission piece I did for some close friends. They recently bought a new house and were looking for a main piece for the living room. Thankfully they were really open to my ideas and let me have creative freedom.
I've never been a guy that paints animals but I guess it's gonna happen sooner or later if you live in South Louisiana. A lot of the country roads in South Louisiana run alongside bayous that were probably once used for transportation. As I drive beside them I see a lot of these beautiful Great Egrets. I really like the contrast of their white feathers against the dark, almost black, bayou water.

Not only was this my first "animal" painting, it is also the largest painting I've worked on. I will say I have definitely developed a deeper respect for people who regularly work in larger formats.
I really enjoyed working on this piece and hope you like it as well.


American Thrift Media said...

This a really good Jon! You should do more Louisiana-inspired nature paintings.

DesBisoux said...

Great piece!

DesBisoux said...

Thanks for your post and the words of encouragment, much appreciated!
I promise I'll wait until I'm 35 and completly desperate to settle with any random guy!

Anonymous said...

Best work to date? Very Crespo-esque. Light vs. dark. Although his paintings are generally smaller. This one's fickin' huge! Very, very nice.


Jill said...

jon. I love it!!

Anonymous said...

ive seen this painitng! super random, just found it in google? williams home?